At-home Enzyme Kit

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Homecare enzyme masque that maintains skin between treatments.

When you leave Callan Cove, you’ll never want that glow to go—and why should you let it? A consistent routine is crucial when it comes to treating acne, blackheads, pimples, or sun-damaged skin. 

While life rolls on before your next in-clinic treatment, you can keep your skin looking happy and healthy with a simple home maintenance routine:

  • Enjoy a quick refresh to smooth your skin.
  • Eliminate impurities, and keep your skin clear and toned.
  • Relax as it won't cause any damage, especially to sensitive areas like around the eyes.
  • Get even better results by combining the Exoderma Peel with the Foamy Lift masque, which is designed to keep your skin functioning at peak condition in between your treatments at Callan Cove.

Together, this powerful duo will exfoliate dead skin cells, remove impurities, and make sure you have firmer, brighter, more hydrated skin for longer.

Available in 60ml size. Kit includes Bowl & Fan Brush.

*These two products are available individually.

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